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Modern Retirement


How much is the security of your financial future worth?

Modern Retirement Planning TM (MRP) is a workshop study of the latest concepts and concerns for structuring a successful retirement plan. Goal setting techniques and creative strategies designed to maintain control and flexibility will be the common theme for the course.You will learn how to set reasonable goals based on your personal means. A primary objective will be to become familiar with the concepts and terminology that are so frustrating to individuals approaching retirement age. The course is not biased toward any company or product, but rather focuses on the concepts needed to make informed decisions. With knowledge, you gain confidence. With confidence, you gain control. Take control of your retirement! MRP introduces a unique “alternative strategy” section. Non-market securities can reduce portfolio correlation when diversification doesn’t provide enough stability during volatile markets. The course will address estate planning issues as well as alternative approaches to long-term care.No specific products or services will be discussed at this class. MRP is designed only to provide important financial information.

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