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James V. Peters, CLU, ChFC

(949) 631-3840

Sharyn Peters

Sharyn Peters

Office Operations Manager

Sharyn M Peters has been working in an office managerial role since 2004. Since 1994 she has been assisting James V Peters' in his office set up and organization. Her certificate in Insurance Underwriting was awarded to her in 1997 and her Long Term Care designation was received in 2000. She took a 7 year maternity leave only to return with part-time availability, but feels the time away was a great asset to her ability to focus on the tasks in front of her and to be in the moment and mentally present at all times. Her two fabulous girls keep her busy with school, ballet and general motherhood.

 In her spare time, Sharyn trains for and coaches adults in running Marathons, half marathons, 10k and 5k events and volunteers at her church's Children's Ministries weekly